відпочинок в Чернівецькій області, Путила
Відпочинок в Карпатах 2020
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We offer to rent the guesthouse in Putyla for your vacation. It is available for 8 persons. Putyla is situated 120 km from Chernivtsi, 35 km from Romanian border and 130 km to Hoverla. 


The guesthouse is situated 150 m from the centre of the town and there is a river Putylka (25 m) and a forest nearby. It is far away from roads. It has 3 rooms (2 doubles and one quadruple), a kitchen, a shower room, WC and a terrace.


Parking lot, WiFi, table tennis, swing, summerhouse are available.

01.04.2018 - 23.06.2017 - 10 USD/person/night
24.06.2017 - 18.08.2017 - 12 USD/person/night
19.08.2017 - 26.10.2018 - 9 USD/person/night

Room Description   Photo Price (room)
Double Two twins, night table, rack, wi-fi. Made of wood. Fireplace. One WC per 3 rooms

18-24 USD


Double Deluxe Double bed, rack. wi-fi. Made of wood and stone. Fireplace. One WC per 3 rooms. Extra entrance 18-24 USD
Quadruple Bed, sofa, Satellite TV, rack, chairs, wi-fi. Made of wood. Fireplace. One WC per 3 rooms

72-96 USD

Kitchen Fridge, microwave oven, electric stove, electric kettle, table, chairs, washbasin, cold and hot running water  
Shower room / WC Mirror, sink, boiler 100 l, cold and hot running water  
Double Standard (other house) Sofa, furniture, arm-chair. Fireplace. Bathroom on the groundfloor 18-24 USD

Quadruple Standard (other house)

2 sofas, table, furniture. Bathroom on the groundfloor 72-96 USD



Tour Name Duration Geographical and historical sights Photo Price
Smugarsky 1 day  

Smugarski waterfalls, Nimchych Pass, Great Stones, Frog Stone, Stoned Rich Hutsul Woman

отдых в черновицкой области на водопадах 15 USD
Sergiivsky 3 days mineral sources, Kobilitsya Museum, oil source отдых в черновицкой области у минерального источника 12 USD
Seljatynsky 1 day Mount Govdia, local zoo, Shurdyn Pass 66 USD
Jalowytchorsky 2 days Suchavsky waterfall, Bukowinian lake, mount Tomnatyk, mount Yarovytsia 93 USD


Viber: + 380969277375

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUdGNcA3jBhgn3xvf-okPg